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Film Publicity: Non English Posters & Lobby Cards
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A lobby card of Merupu Veerudu (2001), the Telugu version of Once Upon a Time in China The English version of the film was released as The Rebel some years ago. (Source: Sudheer Pictures) 30X40 inch poster of Merupu Veerudu.
(Source: Raghavendra Films)

A lobby card of Mugguru (2002), the Telugu version of China Strike Force. (Source: Sudheer Pictures) A lobby card of Kapala Dweepam (2002), the Telugu version of Rape of the Red Temple. The caption on top of the card says, “Another big action film from Jackie Chan’s guru Ringo Lam.” (Source: Indo Overseas Films)

A lobby card of Master, the Hindi version of Little Master, a.k.a. Teenage Master. (Source: Indo Overseas Films) A lobby card of Trideviyaan, the Hindi version of Heroic Trio. The Hindi title is similar to a highly successful Hindi film called Tridev. (Source: Indo Overseas Films)

30X40 inch poster of Veeraputrudu (2001), the Telugu version of Armour of God. (Source: Radhavendra Films) 30X40 inch poster of Sahasapremikudu (2001), the Telugu version of Gorgeous. (Source: Raghavendra Films)

Body of Fire (title of Telugu version).