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English Posters
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New title for an old film: Project A is advertised as China Cop. (Source: Suchitra Films) A poster from the late 1980s or the early 1990s when painting was cheaper than photo collages. (Source: Suchitra Films) Action films featuring female stars were well received in the B circuit but were not traded so often among distributors or re-released repeatedly to warrant new titles. (Source: Suchitra Films)

Since Protector was a success locally, Police Story was passed off as a sequel. (Source: Suchitra Films) Other titles untraceable. (Source: Poorna Pictures) Other titles untraceable. (Source: Poorna Pictures) Probably Vengeance, which was the Indian title of Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow.
(Source: Poorna Pictures)

(Source: Poorna Pictures) (Source: Srikanth Pictures) (Source: Poorna Pictures) The simplicity of this poster is an illustration of how the star could be used to market a film. Notice the other Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan posters on this page. Other titles of the film untraceable. (Source: Suchitra Films)
Old (left) and new (right) posters of Big Boss.    

Among the most successful martial arts films. (Source: Poorna Pictures) Quoting Saddam Hussain, the poster promises ‘the mother of all battles.’ (Source: Srikanth Pictures)

Against the backdrop of constantly changing titles and the return of old films with new titles, the emphasis on the newness of this Jackie Chan film makes a lot of sense. (Source: Raghavendra Films) (Source: Indo Overseas Films) (Source: Indo Overseas Films)
The new Jackie Chan: too glossy and expensive for the B circuit and not quite a hit in the A circuit.

For some reason Wong Jing's name is almost never spelt correctly. The Telugu version of this movie is called Tiger Jet Lee.
(Source: Srikanth Pictures)

(Source: Prashanthi Pictures) (Source: Krishna Priya Pictures) (Source: Prashanthi Pictures)

A rare poster of the classic with its original India title.
Also known as Once Upon a Time in China (Source: Prashanthi Pictures)
Also known as Once Upon a Time in China II. (Source: Krishna Priya Pictures) Also known as Once Upon a Time in China IV. (Source: Srikanth Pictures)

A relatively rare piece of good fortune for distributors: two major stars in one film. (Source: Srikanth Pictures)
Unfortunately for B circuit distributors, John Woo never became famous locally till his migration to Hollywood. Publicity for Hand of Death therefore relied almost entirely on Jackie Chan. (Source: Srikanth Pictures)

A typical candidate for circulation as a soft-porn film. Splicing of sexually explicit sequences that have been cut by the board of censors or footage from entirely different films is not uncommon in the B circuit. Suggestive visuals could, however, be misleading. At times disappointed viewers, lured by not so subtle promises of titillation, damage theatre property. (Source: Srikanth Pictures)