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Hong Kong Action Film
at the Frontiers of Cinema
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Madanapalle. Poster of the Jet Li starrer Romeo Must Die, which shares wall space and viewers with the latest Telugu releases. The film was showing in Jyothi Talkies at the time.

Madanapalle. Mummy Daddy, a foreign film dubbed into Telugu competes with Mrugaraju, the latest release of 'Megastar' Chiranjeevi.

Vijayawada. Road facing walls are often covered by film posters in this city which houses over 50 cinema halls and over 150 distribution offices. Vijayawada. A cut out of 'Real Star' Srihari looms over the statue of Gudavalli Ramabrahmam, one of the founders of the Telugu film industry.

Vijayawada. A Communist Party of India demonstration near the Lenin statue (out of the frame). The venue is surrounded by massive film and other hoardings. Vijayawada. A hoarding of Veeraputrudu (Arrow of God, meaning 'Son of Hero') beside a hoarding for Deviputrudu ('Son of Goddess').

Vijayawada. Plywood cutout of Jet Li's The One commissioned by Poorna Pictures who have also distributed scores of Hong Kong films in the past.
(Source: Poorna Pictures)

Mangalagiri 2003. In the background Nagamohini (2000. Telugu version of Cobra?) competes with recent Telugu films for attention. Secunderabad. A hoarding of Bhadrachalam pasted over with the announcement of a rally by the Dalit poiltical formation, Madiga Dandora. Nizamabad. Mobile publicity for Magic Magic. (Photograph by G.L.N. Reddy)

Anantapur. Leftist PDSU (Progressive Democratic Students' Union) campaigns against obscenity in film and literature.
(Photograph by G.L.N. Reddy)