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An advertisement for Niskin Monk's Kung Fu on top of a building in Vijayawada (2001).

Grand Master Prakash Rao says that he provided the details about martial that went into the Telugu martial arts novel, Ee Gantaku 50 Nimashale [This hour is only 50 minutes long].

Sampathi Ramana, the Madanapalle based Karate instructor, displays his skills at a competition in Mulakalacheruvu, 1998. (Source: Sampathi Ramana)


Visiting card of Rajeshwari Chouhan, one of the few female martial arts instructors in Hyderabad. P.S. Ananda Rao has established his own style of karate, which he says combines the strengths of various existing styles as well as techniques from other martial arts.    

Entry form for a competition organized by S. Bhoom Reddy's Chinese Martial Arts Academy, Secunderabad.

Publicity for the competition.

Master Bhoom Reddy's visiting cards


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