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Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Association of India, Madanapalle
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The school holds its sessions in a local municipal school.

Students train in one of the class rooms. Sessions have to end before the regular pupils of the school arrive in the morning.

Khaja Khan, one of the students of the karate school with his medals. He is a school dropout who wants to make a career in martial arts. He is also an aspiring writer.

The master S. Ismail at his home-office. He has a 'regular job' in a government school and is also the president of the Madanapalle Cable TV distributors' association. Unlike a number of his students, who are now teachers, he has a background in wrestling. Master Ismail's visiting card. Ismail in his youth (right) during a practice session in 1983. Recreating the martial arts' film sequence?
(Source: S. Ismail)
A felicitation scroll given to master Ismail by his students. Little pictures of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan adorn the hand written scroll.

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