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Dragon Fist Martial Arts Academy, Hyderabad
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The Dragon Fist Martial Arts Academy, Hyderabad is run by K. Satya Shankar, who is an employee of the public sector company HCL. Named after a Jackie Chan film (Dragon Fist, Lo Wei, 1978), the school has branches run by former students of Satya Shankar. A text book example of the leakages between the world of martial arts and other popular cultures and political formations in India, the academy has a library with martial arts detective novels the publications of Dragon Fist routinely feature Telugu and Hong Kong film stars, Satya Shankar himself is a failed film producer as well as a minor political leader in the area.
The academy is housed in a shop which is also the office of Supriya Finance, run by the founder. Supriya Finance specializes in what is commonly known as ‘daily finance’ (small amount of money is lent at high rates of interest payable on a daily basis). Inside the Dragon Fist office. K. Satya Shankar (centre), founder and director with his son (left) and G.L.N. Reddy (right). Satya Shankar’s son has a Black Belt in Karate and aspires for a career in films. The school’s certificate. Often, the authenticity of a school rests of its affiliation to or certification by academies abroad. Satya Shankar’s visiting card

Dragon Fist publications. Along with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, Telugu film stars Suman and the female action star Vijayashanthi have appeared on the covers of the publications. Although the publications wing of Dragon Fist began had the objective of bringing out a periodical called Martial Arts on a regular basis, the plan had to be scaled down due to the lack of support from potential readers and advertisers. The magazine is currently brought out on the occasion of the state-level competitions organized by the school.

The unsuccessful venture into film production. Karate Fighters produced by Satya Shankar, who was also to play a small role, was not completed. But advertisements appeared in the publications of Dragon Fist as soon as production began. The annual competition organized by Dragon Fist. This particular pamphlet had travelled all the way to Madanapalle.

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