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Popular Print
Vijayawada. The world of popular print. Film, astrology, crime and sex magazines, post cards, posters, self help books, star biographies, song books....

Ambadipudi, Bruce Lee: Vichitra Veerudi Chitra Charitra [Bruce Lee: The Strange History of a Mysterious Hero], Vijayawada: Jalaja Publications, no date. Ambadipudi, Vichitra Veerudu Bruce Lee: Yuvasakti Katha [Mysterious Hero Bruce Lee: Story of Youth Power], Ambadipudi, Vijayawada, no date. Ambadipudi's picture appears as an insert on the cover of the book, which is a later edition of the other Bruce Lee biography by the same author. Ambadipudi, China Karate Rahasyalu [Secrets of Chinese Karate], Ambadipudi, Vijayawada, no date.
Ambadipudi ‘Vijayapriya’ is a prolific writer who claims to have authored 500 books. Among the scores of books that he now publishes himself are primers in half a dozen languages, biographies of films stars and historical figures, books on cookery, infertility, magic, health and astrology. He is also an investment consultant, astrologer and sexologist.
Ambadipudi, Kungfu Nerchukondi: Atma Rakshanaku, Dhairyaniki, Sahasaniki [Learn Kungfu: For Self Defence, Confidence and Bravery], Vijayawada: Ambadipudi, no date. Ambadipudi, Judo Nerchukondi: Atma Rakshanaku, Dhairyaniki, Sahasaniki [Learn Kungfu: For Self Defence, Confidence and Bravery], Vijayawada: Jalaja Publications, no date. Ambaudi, Karate Nerchukondi: Atma Rakshanaku, Dhairyaniki, Sahasaniki [Learn Kungfu: For Self Defence, Confidence and Bravery], Vijayawada: Ambadipudi, no date.

M. Vijayasaradhi, Self-Help Karate, Vijayawada: Vijetha Publishing House, 1994. Unlike writers like Ambadipudi, whose authenticity lies in the sheer volume of their work, self help books have also been written for popular audiences by those who claim formal training in martial arts.

Gopinath, Martial Arts Fighter in Pakistan, Vijayawada: SMK Publications, 1983 Narendra, Kungfu Commands, Madras: Harish Creations, 1984. Harinadh, Chinese Mission, Tenali: MVR Publications, 1985. The novel is dedicated to the Telugu film star Krishna. N.S. Nagireddy, Black Belt Killer, Vijayawada: MKR Publications, 1979, rpt 1983
'Detective novel' (the English phrase, is used in Telugu) is a broad category of popular literature in Telugu, which includes a range of writings that might otherwise be classified either as crime fiction, spy thrillers, ghost stories, science fiction, pornography or martial arts novels. Detective novels are printed on cheap newsprint and are often considerably shorter than regular Telugu novels. For a generation of neo-literates and school going boys, the detective novel was an important point of entry into the world of fiction, perhaps reading itself. From the nineteen seventies, detective novels often had English titles. While a variety of detective novels from the early seventies had graphic descriptions of fights, by the late seventies there emerged a distinct martial arts fiction tendency within the detective novel. Although detective novels continue to be published at present, the form has been on a decline since the nineties.

Madhubhushan, Judo in Nepal, Vijayawada: Popular Publishers, 1986. Krovi Sodarulu [Krovi Brothers], Killers’ Century, Vijayawada: Bomber Books, 1978. Chandrakanth, Shade in Space, Madras: Decons Publishers, 1986. Chandrakanth, Shade in Nepal, Madras: Decons Publishers, 1988.
G. Raju, Dileep in Hong Kong, Vijayawada: SMK Publications, 1982. G. Raju, King of Nanchaku, Vijayawada: SMK Publications, 1982. R.K. Prasad, Sequence of Kungfu, Vijayawada: SMK Publications, 1982.  

G.S. Srivatsa, Ee Gantaku 50 Nimashale [This hour is only 50 minutes long], Vijayawada: Raviteja Publications, 1994. The novel was serialized in a popular magazine before it was published in the form of a book. Unlike the martial arts variant of the Telugu detective novel, which was almost never considered to be respectable, this book positions itself within the tradition of mainstream popular novel which has consistently reworked tendencies within the detective novel, often via the popular periodical, for a more middle class readership.