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Hong Kong Action Film
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Singapore, Hong Kong
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Singapore’s Majestic Theatre stands in all its faded glory to tell a familiar story: the stand-alone cinema hall is dead. Or at least it belongs to another time.

Hyland Theatre, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. Old style two-screen cinema, which is easily distinguishable from its surroundings. As business propositions, such cinemas may not be sustainable any more. What kind of earnings per square foot of real estate can a Hyland generate?

Not very far from Hyland stands the Paris, London, New York complex. Unlike the new cinema complexes, often housed in shopping malls, the screens and names. At one corner of a block of commercial establishments, one of the entrances of this three-screen cinema open into a space housing grocery and other stores. The afternoon visitors to the complex are an indication of the customer base of the cinema in many parts of the world: youth.

Golden Harvest’s Grand Ocean, Hong Kong. The present. Somewhere in the glittering shopping mall is a multiplex.    

New cinema complexes, like older theatres, nevertheless have to grapple with an audience that is none too enthusiastic about following the laws, which are broken in spite of their stringency. In addition there are the problems of managing the crowd and ensuring its compliance to new patterns of consumption.
    A centrally located multiplex belonging to the UA Cinemas chain in Hong Kong lays down the rules and regulations governing admission.