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Hong Kong Action Film
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A number of people and institutions have contributed valuable material that is reproduced here. I am grateful to every distributor, exhibitor, fan, martial arts teacher and student who finds mention on various webpages.

The website is an outcome of the Sephis post-doctoral project “Democracy and Spectatorship in India: Telugu Popular Cinema and Hong Kong Action Film.” Generous funding from Sephis not only supported the research but also the digitisation, web design and hosting. Photographs by the project assistant G.L.N. Reddy, have been used. He has also collected some of the other material used here.

The support of CSCS Media Archive has been critical for digitising the material. Some of the images used here were collected by me as a part of earlier research projects and is already a part of the CSCS Media Archive. Needless to say this material would not have been preserved otherwise.

Nishant Shah and Sujith Kumar Parayil offered timely support with editing and digitising respectively.

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